20 thousand jobs, 100 thousand hectares

Thanks to the investment of our fund today we can say with great encouragement that it will be possible to plant avocado in new regions and countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Africa and the Caribbean. What encourages us most of this good news is to be able to generate more than 20,000 direct jobs throughout the process and permanently thanks to the avocado plantation.
The Union of the Church, the Bank, Universities and Governments will play a very important role in this human process of well-being and progress in our region!


How can the transformation of production systems, from RPI to the consumer, drive innovation, sustainability and employment?

Green Life

How can the transformation of production systems, from RPI to the consumer, drive innovation, sustainability and employment?

RPI - Is The R U R A L world of the future !A whole horizon of possibilities in a universe

We invest in the whole process, from the field to the big supermarkets and consumptions of the world with the highest technology agreed with a lot of employment generation.

Shaping the Future of Production

We create design, support and convert ideas into realities that benefit the world population by financing and complying with each of our dealings with governments and private.

Rural Projects Investments

We are a private acquisitions fund that believes in innovation and supports innovative ideas for the common good, with large investments and important partners around the world.

AThe Fourth Industrial

Revolution is transforming complete systems of production, distribution and consumption, providing both opportunities for the creation of value through technologies that change the game, and challenges to ensure inclusion.


JF CAPITA S.A.S. Is a company of purchase and sale of Materials and Products of need.Since 1990 we have been negotiating with Commodities backed by our transparency and punctuality,providing services of distribution and delivery of products such as Oil,Energy,Minerals,Food,Bonds and Shares. All about us Technical support and Expertise With our solid experience of more than 25 years we have established serious relationships with oursuppliers and thus be able to offer a very good service to our customers with the best prices and guaranteed products in the sectors that most characterize us,We currently supply Russian, Venezuelan fuel and explore new alternatives investing in Countries with possible exploitation of Hydrocarbons with our own capital and the support of the Bank that supports us for our complianceHere are some products from our bag:.